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Reduce workload by up to 80%.

With CANDIS, manual accounting processes are automated - we rely on high-tech. With our integrated artificial intelligence, we ensure precise document and data recognition.

Easy integration into your existing system

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Accelerate accounting processes

We make accounting sweet again with ready-to-use functions:

  • Import invoices
  • Automated allocation
  • Overview of assets and liabilities
  • Easy payment of invoices
  • Simple communication
  • Export invoices
Rechnungen importieren
Import invoices

All invoices in one place

  • Upload paper invoices to the app simply by scanning
  • Forward digital invoices by e-mail to CANDIS
  • Automatic download of invoices from 500 online portals
Automatische Zuordnung
Automated allocation

Fully automated payment reconciliation with CANDIS

  • Link business accounts, credit cards or PayPal with your CANDIS account
  • CANDIS assigns your account movements to the correct stored invoices
  • Automatic notification of missing documents
Übersicht über alle Forderungen
Overview of assets and liabilities

Overview of all numbers:

  • Automatic update of your payment lists
  • Maintain an overview of open liabilities and completed invoices
Rechnungen bezahlen
Pay invoices easily

Simplify bank transfers

  • Store invoice numbers, IBAN and recurring amounts at CANDIS
  • Pay all your invoices with just a single click
Simple communication

Collaborate with your whole team:

  • Integrated comment function below each document
  • Notifications of new comments
Zu Datev exportieren
Export invoices

CANDIS is an official DATEV partner:

  • Hand over your accounting documents effortlessly to the tax advisor
  • No IT support necessary
  • Reliable standard format


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Ready to go

CANDIS runs without installation in a web browser - on any device. Data and documents can be imported and processed within minutes!

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Simple and efficient

In spite of high tech, user centricity is our top priority. This is reflected in the ease of use of CANDIS.

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Certified data protection

All data is stored on ISO-certified servers in Germany. CANDIS applies the highest data protection standards according to DSGVO.

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Strong customer support

We solve problems! The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. We are always available by phone, mail and chat.

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Highest automation

Lower costs

Ready for use

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