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Digitale Betriebsprüfung

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This year's Tax Symposium will address the question:

What do you need for the future in terms of data-driven, digital field auditing?

Date 27.09

Topic / Speaker

1. Welcome / Gregor Danielmeyer & Viktor Rebant
2. Estimates in health insurance BP - How are they avoidable? / Dr. Bernhard Bellinger & Gerd Achilles
3. ChatGPT & Co. as a game-changer in tax law!!? / Stefan Groß & Thomas Hoppe
4. AI in the tax world - the perspective of tax administration / Gregor Danielmeyer
5. Web 3 companies using the example of Metabrewsociety / Holger Mannweiler
6. Section 147b AO and its impact on the tax world / Viktor Rebant
7. Tokens, blockchain and developments in Web 3 / Lukas Fiedler
8. Journey into the metaverse with the metabrewsociety