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Central task overview

Daily overview of all To Do's: incoming invoices, open releases, outstanding payments - all in one place.

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Discover functions

Rights management

Define individual responsibilities and rights

At the organisational level, you simply set up individual user roles and define responsibilities. This ensures that each person only has access to the areas assigned to them.

In CANDIS können Mitarbeiterrechte zentral verwaltet werden

Organisational management

Central management of several organisations

Despite separate accounts, you manage your various organisations centrally. You can switch between the individual accounts with a simple click of the mouse.

Alle Organisationen zentral verwalten

Filter functions

Display only the most important

You want to concentrate on the essentials? Thanks to various filter functions, you are shown exactly the information you want to see.

Alle Aufgaben können gefiltert werden

Multi-level release processes

Complex and multi-level release workflows

You set individual limits and conditions for each approver. Several people can be integrated into each workflow. Based on these set rules, the approver is automatically informed when the desired invoice is issued.

In CANDIS können mehrstufige Rechnungsfreigabeprozesse angelegt werden