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Clarify queries quickly and efficiently

90% fewer emails and Post-It's, but still always have the complete context? That's possible! Thanks to the comment function, you can communicate with team members directly in the tool, without any media breaks.

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Document comments

Clarify queries directly

Use the comment functions to ask questions directly on the document. Finally, no more writing emails or making annoying phone calls. Communication takes place entirely in CANDIS.


E-mail notifications

E-mail notifications

You have a query about an invoice and have marked a team member. This person will now be notified directly by e-mail and can jump directly to the respective document via mouse click.

Desktop E-Mail Benachrichtigungen

Digital Notes

Digital Post-It

In the note field you enter important additional information for accounting. This information is exported together with the receipt. The respective information can be called up at any time using the search and filter function.

Digitaler Post-It

Push notifications

Always up to date
New pending approvals or new comments on an invoice - with our mobile app, you get real-time push notifications directly to your phone.

Push notifications via app