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Automate approval processes

Complex approval workflows speed up approval and allow maximum flexibility in every situation. The manual workload is reduced enormously.

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In CANDIS können Sie individuelle Freigabeprozesse anlegen

Discover functions

Multi-level release processes

Complex and multi-level release workflows

You set individual limits and conditions for each approver. Several people can be integrated into each workflow. Based on these set rules, the approver is automatically informed when the desired invoice is issued.

In CANDIS können mehrstufige Rechnungsfreigabeprozesse angelegt werden

Manual approvals

Manually designate approvers

At the document level, you can manually assign a person the approve or trigger a predefined approval process. CANDIS learns from your decisions and suggests options for you to choose from.

Manual Approvals

Automatic release rules

High degree of automation

No matter how complex the rule should be, CANDIS gives you a variety of options, e.g. enter approval limits and determine either-or rules for individual approvals. In this way, we achieve an extremely high degree of automation.

Automatische Freigaberegeln