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CANDIS facilitates the cooperation between you and your clients

CANDIS – The future of automating platforms

CANDIS is a tool for your clients, which is fun to use and automizes the provision of all accounting data to great parts.

Easy setup, no training, on any operating system.

CANDIS is ready to use within minutes and even runs on an iPad. Eventually all data is structured and prepared for further use in DATEV.

Let’s have a look at each step of the process from the client’s perspective:

Invoice data

Your client will receive a CANDIS email address to forward all of the invoices to. As soon as CANDIS registers the invoice, all data will be extracted and pre-accounted.

  • Email address to transfer invoices in CANDIS
  • Automatic data extraction
  • Initial account assignment


CANDIS supports most German banks and credit cards as well as Paypal. Various account activity is being registered in realtime while CANDIS recognises which of these transactions require an invoice.

  • Realtime-synchronisation
  • Account-specific transaction overview
  • Automatic matching of invoice and transaction
Invoice management
Your client will see which invoices are already paid and which invoices need payment. Invoices can directly be paid via CANDIS from an automated payment template which saves time and lowers the risk of data entry errors.
Transaction management
CANDIS offers you and your client a complete overview of all payments displayed in a simple and structured manner. Your client will see at first glance where an invoice is missing.
You and your client can directly add notes on invoices and transactions in order to facilitate communication about the impending export.

Export of data

All exports are optimised for DATEV. Choose the export that you can easily integrate in your processes. We have solutions for the import with or without Unternehmen online.

  • Sophisticated exports
  • Different export options

Data structure of exports

You will find all relevant accounting data in the exports. Apart from the matching-ID other core data in the export include credit and debit records, posting key, exchange rate, invoice and transaction date. The invoice is also accessible through two different links in the export to either display it in your browser or in CANDIS.

  • Pre-accounted records
    For both invoices and transactions final records are being pre-accounted which are then being transferred to DATEV
  • Belegfeld 1
    The matching of transaction and invoice in CANDIS is based on an individual CANDIS-ID which will be transferred in the export via ‘Belegfeld 1’

Even More Reasons to use CANDIS?

Stand out from the crowd

  • CANDIS enables you to handle all your clients needs: A modern software, real-time invoice workflow.

Become more efficient

CANDIS does the low-level work for you. You receive all data structured and save a lot of time. You have more time for better paying work like high value consultancy.

Grow your business

CANDIS supports you to handle more mandates at the same time. You do not have to decline customers because you cannot handle them anymore.

Awesome Featureset

No more data entry

  • CANDIS is connected to your clients email and bank accounts. All the data flows seamingless into CANDIS where you both can see it.

Automated preaccounting

CANDIS saves you a lot of work: It automatically detects creditor accounts and preaccounts invoices to the management accounts. You just have to check them and the work is done.

Clean overview

CANDIS offers you a clean overview over invoices, payments and open to dos: Transactions that require an invoice or invoices that require a payment.

Everything in the cloud

  • You do not need extra hardware – CANDIS is accessible from everywhere in the world.

Realtime communication

CANDIS allows you to ask customers about invoices directly to an invoice. You do not have to write emails and attach the invoices you are talking about anymore. Directly chat with customers as a comment to an invoice.

Exports for your needs

You can choose all types of exports for your current systems. All data can be exported accordingly.

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