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We are Candis and this is why we exist.

We make finance teams happy. Since 2015.


Good accounting keeps any business on track.

But the life of accountants can be tough: constantly gathering documents and chasing colleagues keeps them from posting all the data for the current month's accounts when they should be working on the next one. Approval processes are time-consuming and error-prone, especially if they are still paper-based. And then there is the fear of a sudden audit breathing down their neck. No one can do their best work that way.

What if instead we could create full control over all invoices, from receipt to settlement, and be audit-proof and tax compliant without any problems? If we recorded costs daily and not just at the end of the month? If accounting data were available at all times? If accounting contributed to better decision-making and to the growth of the business - as it should?

Candis is here to free accountants from everything that slows them down. Our online invoice management software enables everyone in the finance team - the bean counters, the number crunchers, the finance gurus - to do their best work.