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GoBD-konforme Prozessdokumentation

Always on the safe side in the event of a tax audit: All document processes are recorded and saved in the process documentation.

Wähle deinen Wunschtermin

Audit Trail- GoBD-konforme Prozessdokumentation

Funktionen entdecken

Documentation on the document

Complete process documentation on the receipt

All changes or processes on the document are automatically recorded in our audit trail. It couldn't be more transparent! Now you no longer need to be afraid of tax audits.

Dokumentation am Beleg

Data storage

10 years traceability

The process documentation is exported together with the invoice and the document data and archived for a period of 10 years. Your data can be accessed at any time. In this way, you can ensure that even processes that took place a long time ago can be traced.

Daten 10 Jahre in CANDIS speichern

Audit-Trail Export

Export always with audit trail

The process documentation is attached to the document in an additional PDF and exported together.

This way you always have full traceability of all processes - even in external tools.