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Easy payment via SEPA XML

In Candis, open invoices are sorted by due date and exported bundled in SEPA XML format to the desired payment system. This way you never miss a payment deadline again.

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Automatisierte Zahlung per SEPA-XML

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OPOS Overview

Complete overview of all open invoices

Released documents that are ready for payment are listed clearly and sorted by due date in CANDIS.

You are automatically notified of overdue invoices in your dashboard.

OPOS Übersicht

Automatic payment templates

Pay reliably and on time

Type out the reason for payment? That was once upon a time.
CANDIS reads out all payment-relevant data automatically. You import due invoices bundled and with a click in SEPA-XML format into your preferred payment system. Exported invoices are then marked as paid in CANDIS.


Cash Discount overview

Never miss discount deadlines again
In Candis, you'll get an overview of all cash discount deadlines and you'll be able to prioritize the payment of invoices to save money.

Capture cash discount in candis