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Interface to SESAM

Reliably transfer voucher data entered in Candis, including KSK details and extra cost info, in CSV format.

This saves you duplicate work and you can immediately post your invoices in SESAM.

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Export to Sesamsoft
Specify artists' social security fund in Candis

Directly add artists' social insurance information

You often receive invoices from freelancers or creative professionals?

In Candis, you can enter information about the artists' social insurance fund directly on the receipt and don't have to enter it manually in SESAM.

This saves you time and ensures that the KSK is settled correctly.

Extra-Kosteninfo in Candis erfassen

Easily categorize other costs

Whether for insurances, subsidy payments or other costs:

Candis allows you to enter additional cost types as extra cost info. This helps you, for example, to better categorize expenses for your cost analysis.

To do this, simply enter the cost type in the settings and select it on the document.