Tips & tricks: How to Candis

Tips & Tricks: How to work with Candis is a monthly online event where we explain to our users how to use our software efficiently. Each month we focus on a different topic and take a detailed look at our tool.
You missed one or more of the online events? No problem! You can find all previous topics here. Have fun watching!


Allgemeine Einstellungen in Candis

In this video you will learn everything about the general settings in Candis. What are the import options for incoming invoices? What does user management in Candis allow? How does the creation of a workflow work and what options/conditions are there? Timo also shows you the path of the invoice through Candis - from import to export.


Payment transactions in Candis

In this video we show which payment options are available, how the SEPA XML export works and when a payment from Candis makes sense, payments from DATEV Unternehmen online and when a payment via DATEV payment transactions in DATEV-Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen is the right way.