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Expanding the network, sharing knowledge ...

... and achieve great things together. We have partners from the following areas.

Financial advice

Are you a tax consultant, auditor, (external) accountant or interim CFO?
With Candis, you can automate your clients' processes as well as your own and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Vorteile von CANDIS für Steuerberater:innen, Buchhalter:innen oder Interims-CFO

System houses

Candis is the building block you are still missing to optimise your customers' financial processes? As a partner, you can secure a competitive advantage and tap into new sources of revenue.

Vorteile CANDIS für Systemhäuser


Candis is the perfect complement to your software solution because it takes over upstream or downstream process steps? Reduce the workload of your customers through standardised digital processes.

Vorteile CANDIS Schnittstellenpartner

Software solutions

Your software solution fits Candis because it digitises work processes or we could simplify invoice management together? Then let's grow together.

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Unsere Partner und Partnerinnen