Everything at your fingertips: Your digital invoice archive

In the Candis archive, you can immediately locate each of your invoices with just a few clicks. This means you have all the documents relevant to your bookings quickly to hand as soon as you need them. Clearly filed, well organized and easy to find. Processes can also be traced easily and seamlessly on the receipt - and thanks to our 10-year retention period, you are always on the safe side, even in the event of an audit. All clear? Everything Candis.

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Clearly structured, quickly accessible

Being organized always means knowing where to find something. For all other cases, there are our intelligent full-text search and filter functions, which give you a comprehensive overview of all documents. So whether you're looking for an invoice from a specific business partner or all invoices for a specific cost center - you'll always find what you're looking for in the Candis invoice archive.