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Digitally manage financial documents

Maximum transparency of all documents – whether invoice, contract, delivery bill or other. Candis is your digital archive where you can store, link, sort and easily find documents.

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Digitally manage financial documents

It's Monday morning, you're sitting at your desk with your first cup of coffee and suddenly you remember: Wasn't there that contract that was supposed to be canceled? So you start searching. Is it in the paper folder, on the sharepoint or drive? Does your colleague know more? Should you really email the boss for that?

The Candis document management system is tailor-made for finance teams:

  • Everything in one place: File invoices, contracts, delivery bills, quotations, purchase order and order confirmations, and other documents in an audit-proof manner in the Candis digital document management system.

  • Convenient filing: Simply email your documents as PDF attachments to a dedicated address or upload them directly to Candis.

  • Intuitive overview: In your document inbox, you can see a list of all documents, filter them, sort them, and of course edit them at any time.

  • Time-saving automation: Candis automatically fills in fields such as the business partner, important dates and much more thanks to OCR.

  • Reliable full text search: Find your documents quickly and easily thanks to the combination of filters and full-text search.