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Weak points in the process were identified

"CANDIS has enabled us to quickly identify and optimise weaknesses in the invoice management process and speed up our approval process."

Jasmin Chowdhry, Head of Accounting

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About AllDent

With almost 800 employees, AllDent is one of the most innovative companies in the German healthcare sector. In the state-of-the-art dental centres at 8 locations, several dentists work hand in hand. Due to its size, AllDent can work very efficiently and economically and pass these cost advantages on to patients.

The aim of the company

  • Invoices and document data can be exported directly to DATEV Unternehmen online.

  • The course of the invoices as well as the processing status should be transparent as required and visible to every employee

  • Release processes should be accelerated

The goal for Jasmin

Invoice management processes in the company should be made more efficient

The Challenge

Before the introduction of CANDIS, the invoice management process at AllDent was mainly manual and the financial accounting department had to send countless emails every day. This led to missing invoices, inconsistent logging and delays in the approval process. AllDent needed a tool to process invoices across multiple locations in a structured way.

The result

CANDIS enabled AllDent to put an end to the invoice chaos - because the processing status of every single invoice in the company could now be transparently tracked and documented. In addition, CANDIS allows staff to save time by automatically forwarding invoices to CANDIS via an email address and accurately reading them using OCR technology. Team leaders at AllDent can then release invoices to financial accounting with just one click.

Recommendation to all SMEs

Due to the simple and intuitive usability of CANDIS, the changeover to digital accounting can be implemented quickly without extensive staff training.


  • Direct export to DATEV Unternehmen online

  • Cost centres can be assigned to invoices within the tool

  • Simple user interface that facilitates conversion to digital processes

  • Transparent and logged invoice processing

Success factors

  • Acceleration and standardisation of the approval process

  • Weaknesses in the process can be quickly identified and eliminated

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