Internal control system completely digital

"With CANDIS, we have been able to fully digitalise our invoice management and internal control system, saving us considerable time and paper."

- Peet Möller, Head of Finance

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About blau direct

blau direkt is the market-leading infrastructure service provider for insurance brokers. With around 155 employees, blau direkt is a fast-growing company that makes the work of insurance brokers and distributors easier.

Employees: 155
Location: Lübeck
Year of foundation: 2000

The goal of the company

  • Digitisation of invoice management

  • Creating transparency

  • Reducing workload through efficient streamlining and clearly defined processes

  • Clear and central platform for reconciling invoice statuses

  • Interface to DATEV Unternehmen online

  • Reduction of costs

The challenge

For blau direkt, as a rapidly growing company, the manual workflow for invoice processing was very time-consuming and unstructured before the introduction of CANDIS. The need for a user-friendly tool, which enables a transparent and structured financial accounting process and which the employees can use directly without extensive onboarding, was growing.


  • Lean, digitalised financial accounting process

  • Transparency

  • Simple operation, user-friendly interface

  • Interface to DATEV

Success factors

  • Smooth process fully implemented within a few days

  • Modernisation of the invoicing process

  • Uniform, digital processing of all invoices

  • Time savings due to elimination of manual processes

  • Improved communication between the finance department and the rest of the company - huge time savings

The result

After only a very short time, CANDIS was fully implemented and in full operation - it quickly became clear to us: we do not need to make use of the money-back guarantee. With CANDIS, we were able to take another important step towards digitalisation and transparency. The automated accounting processes can be tracked down to the last detail, and the simple user interface allows employees to find invoices quickly.
For us, the tool is a real time saver and, by the way, we are doing something for the environment by eliminating the physical paperwork.

Recommendation to all SMEs

The tool is quick and easy to implement without much training for the staff. Thanks to the quick support from CANDIS and the very good introduction, we immediately felt in good hands.