That was easier than expected

"We started creating training materials for the staff, but it wasn't necessary at all."
Janine Helbig, Finance & Accounting Manager

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About Coyo

COYO was founded in 2010 by Jan Marquardt and is one of the leading providers in the employee experience market. COYO stands for B2B software that convinces with sophisticated design and intuitive user experience. With the COYO employee experience platform, employers can reach their employees at any time and any place. Together with Daniel Busch and Stefan Schnock, Jan Marquardt manages a team of more than 150 in Hamburg. From electricity providers to chocolate manufacturers; COYO convinces more than one million employees in companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Ritter Sport, Metro and E.On.

The goal for the company

  • Simplify the processing of incoming invoices

  • Fully digitised incoming invoices

  • Export receipts and invoices directly to DATEV

The goal for Janine

  • Initially save receipts and forward them directly to the responsible department heads

The challenge

As an agile company, it was important for COYO to have the right software for every problem. The new invoicing software was to be introduced at the same time as DATEV Unternehmen-Online. The entire invoice management process, from receipt to posting, was to be paperless. For this reason, a cloud-based application with an interface to DATEV was a mandatory requirement.
"We are a fast-growing company. Employees should not have to deal with release folders and agreements for a long time. At the same time, it was important to create transparency about costs for the cost centre managers.

The result

With CANDIS, all locations now work together digitally. As part of the onboarding process, all suppliers were contacted and invoice management was completely digitalised. Since the introduction of CANDIS, the user interface is easy and intuitive for employees; not only the finance team, but also team leads and all other employees. CANDIS has also been able to help COYO with the onboarding of new staff. As the software is self-explanatory, COYO was able to significantly reduce queries from new employees.

Recommendation to all SMEs

CANDIS digitises and automates their invoice management. You save significantly more time in processes such as invoice approval and get an overview of your expenses and budget at a glance. The software is easy and intuitive to use by all employees.


  • All invoices should be digital

  • Automated approval processes

  • Multi-level approvals

Success factors

  • Uniform, digital processing of all invoices across all locations

  • No more invoice stamps

  • Modernisation of all financial processe