Never miss discount deadlines again

"Missed discounts are no longer an issue since CANDIS, as invoices are now always released on time."

-Sandra Hoegg, Accountant

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About FA Business Solutions GmbH

FA Business Solutions GmbH is a print e-commerce company in the B2B sector. The focus is on the key account segment. FA Business Solution pursues a full-service approach and thus offers support in the planning, production, logistics, storage and delivery of the ordered products.

Employees: 20
Location: Hamburg
Year founded: 2015
Industry: Print shop

Hardly any transparency in accounting

Sandra Hoegg is mainly employed in the company's accounting department. She was looking for a tool that would bring order and clarity back into the processes of invoice processing. "Before, I didn't know where the invoices were or that I was missing anything at all, and now I can follow up more quickly" she reports.
Before the introduction of CANDIS, the processing of receipts was done completely manually. This resulted in a lack of transparency and inconsistencies with colleagues. Because every invoice sent by e-mail was printed, stamped and distributed to the respective employees, the accountants lost a lot of time.
The motivation of the company and the introduction of CANDIS helped FA Business Solutions to achieve a sustainable change. Sandra Hoegg's team is now one of the best digitalised finance teams in Germany.

Stress-free communication

Communication between colleagues is now less complicated and more location-independent. The employees from Hamburg and Berlin are well connected thanks to CANDIS. Thanks to the improved traceability of processes, it is now easier to resolve ambiguities with suppliers.

No more missing invoice approvals

Invoice approvals are quick and stress-free. With the filter function, the accounting department can see which invoices have not yet been released and send out reminders if necessary. "Missed discounts are no longer an issue since CANDIS, as invoices are now always released on time," says Sandra Hoegg.

Control over invoices

The workflows in CANDIS facilitate the traceability of the processing steps of an invoice. If queries or problems arise, it is always possible to identify weak points in the process.

Happy employees

Since invoices can now be processed digitally, accountants save a lot of time. As employees can also view their receipts directly in CANDIS, there are fewer questions that need to be clarified with the accounting department.

Implementation within a few days

One of the biggest advantages of CANDIS is its intuitive operation. New colleagues can be quickly introduced to the tool and can work with it themselves in a very short time. "The decisive factor for us was that it is so simple and relatively self-explanatory," says Sandra.

Fast month-end closing

The simple and fast approval process in CANDIS makes it easier to book on a daily or at least weekly basis. This makes the preparation of the month-end closing much easier and the accounting department can use the time saved for other tasks.