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We were able to digitise all financial processes

"With the introduction of CANDIS at GermanPersonnel, we managed to completely digitise our financial accounting within one month."
Elisabeth David, Head of Finance

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About German Personnel e-search GmbH

We bring people together; that is the vision of the recruiting company GermanPersonnel, founded in 2002. It is now one of the leading providers in the field of recruiting. With its PERSY software, the company has successfully revolutionised the market. Practised diversity, an agile mindset and a great team; all these factors are part of their recipe for success. Another is the belief in technology and the power of digitalisation; digitalisation presents us with new challenges every day. A modern company like GermanPersonnel is no exception - especially when it comes to in-house financial accounting.

The goal for the company

  • Digitise financial processes to enable working from anywhere

  • Transparent invoice approval

  • Time saving

The goal for Elisabeth

Use time wisely and no longer have to chase colleagues for invoices

The challenge

"We want to offer our employees a modern working environment. Many work in a home office and at different locations. If processes like invoice approval or pre-accounting are still done on paper there, it becomes a real problem that takes up a lot of time and capacity."

Travel expense claims in particular require approval by a team leader or another supervisor. Being able to submit these digitally immediately not only saves time; the employee also gets their expenses back faster and all relevant people have access to the document to clarify any issues that arise. Digitisation also prevents invoices that are left on desks and forgotten or lost there from being processed. At the beginning, the company had doubts whether it could solve its problems simply by introducing new software. But CANDIS absolutely convinced German Personnel.

The result

Because CANDIS is a cloud solution, every employee can make their approvals and view invoices from anywhere. The problems with creating travel expense reports for employees could be solved. In addition, the expense reports have been simplified and the reimbursements have been accelerated. The company now not only works with digital processes - it also saves employees valuable time. Receipts are processed faster and Elisabeth can see at any time what the processing status of an invoice is, who still has open approvals and whether the receipts have already been exported to DATEV.

Recommendation to all SMEs

If you want to use your time efficiently and don't want to chase colleagues because of an invoice or want to avoid working through a pile of old receipts every month, CANDIS is just right for you.


  • Better overview: no invoice is forgotten

  • Easier approval of travel expense reports and expense reimbursements

  • Automation

  • Possibility of preliminary account assignment

Success factors

  • Automated approval processes through workflows

  • Clarity and transparency of approvals

  • No more lost invoices thanks to the document archive

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