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"We can quickly assign all tasks to the cost centre managers and receive the approvals back just a few hours later."

Alexander Zieger, Senior Financial Controller

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About LeanIX

With over 230 employees and great customers such as VW AG, Zalando and Adidas, LeanIX GmbH is all about 'growth', which is why they are also ranked in the latest Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Award. Since its foundation in Bonn in 2012, LeanIX has set out to make it as easy as possible for its customers to access all relevant data in order to make the right decisions as quickly as possible. Constant customer-centric work and the highest possible security standards are an important part of LeanIX's success story to date and create the necessary trust to be able to continue writing the success story in the future.

The goal for the company

  • More control over expenses without additional effort

  • Access invoices from anywhere at any time

  • Establish a cloud-based invoice management system

The goal for Alexander

  • Modern processes that are 100% digitalised

  • No more approval folder

  • Create customised workflows

The challenge

The terrific growth has also left its mark - for example, until the use of CANDIS, all invoices in the Bonn headquarters still had to be presented to the responsible team member for approval on the footpath. With multi-stage processes, the effort quickly multiplied. The digitalisation of this process and the problem-free, documented mapping of the multi-stage approval procedure were decisive in changing this process with CANDIS.

The result

Immediately after the roll-out, no more paper invoices were submitted to team members for approval. All the multi-step and amount-based processes already established were quickly configured in CANDIS and work began on the finer details. The result: fewer growing pains, no approval folders and customised workflows for staff who could intuitively use the tool immediately without extensive training.

Recommendation to all SMEs

Especially in the growth phase, one focuses on the areas that have the greatest impact on growth - financial processes are overlooked and thus lag behind. With CANDIS, you regain a structured overview without a lot of implementation effort.


  • Legally compliant work with digital invoices

  • Multi-level approval

  • Seamless transfer of document data to DATEV Unternehmen Online

Success factors

  • Time savings in approval of up to 90%.

  • 100% digital invoices

  • Scalable process