Little time required and secure payments

"Through CANDIS we read invoices faster than we do in other systems, there is more security to create payment lists."
- Raphael Thelen, VP Finance

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About McMakler

McMakler is the best-known real estate agent in Germany. Represented in over 100 locations, 700 brokers and experts accompany customers through the entire sales process.

The goal for the company

  • Every invoice should be able to be approved by all employees

  • Bookings and document images can be imported in DATEV format

  • Every employee should be able to access all invoices from anywhere in a data-secure manner.

The goal for Raphael

  • Quicker invoice release in order to have more time for his own tasks as head of the finance department

The challenge

McMakler lacked a process log that documented every step in the processing of invoices. Every invoice should be traceable down to the last detail. For this, McMakler needed a tool that was 100% user-friendly and could be implemented and used for a large number of employees without extensive training.


  • Uncomplicated implementation without extensive staff training

  • Logged processes

  • Multi-level approvals

Success factors

  • Uniform, digital processing of all invoices

  • Transparency for all employees in invoice processing

  • Simple and intuitive operation of cloud-based software

The result

Thanks to CANDIS, the automated invoice management system, McMakler was able to create transparency for all 700 employees and fully document its invoice management. All invoices can now be viewed by every employee, and every change or comment is automatically documented. CANDIS has made it possible for McMakler's employees to easily upload invoices, approve them with just a few clicks and access them from anywhere in a data-secure manner.

Recommendation to all SMEs

CANDIS digitises and automates their invoice management. All employees can easily access CANDIS and use it intuitively and securely. The time required is significantly reduced, transparency and control over invoice management is created and your accounting is 100% paperless.