The paper war has come to an end!

"Within 10 days of software implementation, the process is running almost smoothly - without any great training. The time saved is enormous and we can now put the free time we have gained into other tasks."
Petra Adler, Head of Accounting

Petra Adler Numeras Hero
Numeras ist ein CANDIS-Kunde

About Numeras

Since 2006, NUMERAS has been supporting ophthalmic practices and surgical centres in their entire practice organisation by providing strategic consulting, customised software and various services, such as hygiene, data protection and quality management. Since then, more than 140 ophthalmological centres have been equipped with software products that take over essential functions of quality management, as well as enable measurements of outcome quality, especially patient satisfaction.

The goal of the company

  • Repetitive processes should be reduced for employees in order to reduce the workload.

  • The approval process should be transparent and accessible to all employees in the finance department at all times - even in the home office.

  • Reconciliation and internal communication on the status of invoices should take place in one place and be clearly laid out.

The goal for Petra Adler, Head of Accounting

  • The invoice management process must be made more efficient and transparent in order to be able to complete the monthly accounting faster and without overtime.

The challenge

Invoices were processed completely manually at NUMERAS before the introduction of CANDIS. This led to a lack of transparency, missing approvals and an insane volume of paper in the invoice management process. As a result, holiday replacements or work absences in the finance team were only possible through increased overtime. Home office was out of the question.

The result

CANDIS enables NUMERAS to digitalise invoice management and put an end to manual processes. As a result, approval processes are accelerated and invoices are no longer lost.

Recommendation to all SMEs

Since most incoming invoices come by e-mail with file attachments, the receipts now no longer have to be printed out and filed, but can be imported directly into CANDIS through automatic e-mail forwarding. The approval process of the invoices also runs digitally, which is an absolute advantage in the course of increased home office.


  • Simple handling, without extensive training: CANDIS is easy to use and quick to understand for finance teams and other departments.

  • Home office compatibility: thanks to the cloud-based software, employees can access the tool from anywhere - even when on the road - and process and approve invoices.

  • Direct export to DATEV Unternehmen online

Success factors

  • Reduced workload for the finance team, especially with regard to manual processes

  • Conserve resources and do something good for the environment by reducing paper invoices and copies

  • Better collaboration between the finance team and the other departments through the comment function in CANDIS