Clearly defined approval process

"As an accountant, I appreciate the fact that the approval process is simply clearly defined".
Christina Bagli, Accountant

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About PicturePeople

PicturePeople is a young company that has grown rapidly over the past ten years. The company employs 350 photographers who work in over 60 stores in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The company combines professionalism and fun in every photo session to create a unique concept that is convincing. Not only private individuals are photographed by the company - the team is also available for professional event and business photography clients.

The goal for the company

  • Improved collaboration

  • Adaptation of the software to personal company needs

  • Archiving and documentation of all documents

The goal for Christina

  • Checking who issued which invoice

The challenge

The challenge was to strengthen a large company. However, in order to implement the software into their own processes, the PicturePeople team first had to invest time in restructuring processes. The company placed great importance on the correct implementation of the software and wanted to take time to correctly and completely enter the first data into the system.

The result

PicturePeople took the first step towards digitalising its invoice management with CANDIS. Since then, the company's accounting has changed fundamentally. Today, the team is convinced of CANDIS. Christina Bagli, accountant at PicturePeople praises especially the simplified process, which all employees can follow very easily.

Recommendation to all SMEs

The digital invoice release is suitable for every company that wants to counteract the growing effort in accounting and at the same time wants to create more time for the core business.


  • Faster approvals through CANDIS

  • Archiving of all receipts in one central location

  • Daily reminders for all employees

Success factors

  • Individual workflows through CANDIS

  • Detailed documentation of all processes

  • Secure access to the software from anywhere