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"All invoices are now digitally recorded and can be retrieved at any time via the document archive and the clever search function."

Michael Schoner, Director Finance

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About riskmethods

Riskmethods has long benefited from the enormous potential of artificial intelligence. The company identifies risks in the supply chain through digitalised supply chain management and implements effective measures to minimise risks. riskmethods supports its clients in proactively identifying risks in the supply chain, assessing the extent of damage and taking appropriate measures. Securing supply, maintaining compliance and protecting the brand - riskmethods is your contact!

The goal for the company

  • Save time and costs

  • Digitise the bookkeeping

  • Working more efficiently with the tax advisor

The goal for Michael

  • Working with the tax advisor is more efficient

The challenge

Time and cost efficiency are not only important in supply chain management. Working in their own financial accounting is also a challenge for modern companies. Confusing approval processes that are only partially digitised, long routes of an invoice in the company and the need for transparent processes in pre-accounting require a solution that is as simple as Riskmethods is for risk management. Those who offer a product with modern technology such as artificial intelligence should not have to organise their invoice approval with a shuttle folder. However, many clunky financial tools require complex implementation.

The result

CANDIS has applied this successful principle to invoice approval. The cloud-based SaaS solution helps your company to organise your invoice release easily and efficiently. The user interface is quickly understandable for every employee. Thanks to the DATEV integration, it can be easily implemented into an existing set-up. Individual workflows, which also enable multi-level approvals, save your employees time. In addition, the automatic allocation of cost centres means that all data can be exported to DATEV directly upon receipt of the invoice after approval. The entire process is 100% digitalised and automated.

Recommendation to all SMEs

Make it easier for your employees to switch to digital accounting.


  • Create capacity in the teams by saving time on invoice approvals

  • Lean, automated processes

  • Smooth workflows through the interface to DATEV companies online

Success factors

  • Simple communication

  • Transparent and automated approvals

  • Real time and cost efficiency

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