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About Solarisbank

solarisBank is one of the most exciting fintech companies in Germany and the most innovative tech company with a banking licence. The banking-as-a-service platform has everything you need to build your own banking products.

Employees: 160

Location: Berlin

Year founded: 2015

The goal for the company

  • 100% digital invoices

  • Overview of all approvals

  • Different approval levels

The goal for Maria

  • Paperless invoice approval

  • Easy implementation

  • Save time on invoice approval

The challenge

solarisBank could only gradually establish digital processes. At the beginning, invoice approval was still organised in paper form. The result was confusion and a lot of time. Maria Skoczowsky and her team were regularly running after invoices. The challenge was to do away with approval folders and to digitise invoice management 100%. The company needed a tool that shows daily which approvals are still pending, which have already been granted and which have been rejected. In addition, solarisBank needed individually defined workflows.


  • 100% automated invoice approval

  • More overview and transparency

  • Significant time saving

Success factors

  • Individual workflows

  • Easy implementation

  • Daily reminders

The result

Paper chaos is a thing of the past - commuting folders are a thing of the past since the introduction of CANDIS. With just one onboarding session, all employees were able to quickly familiarise themselves with their new automated invoice management system. Almost 70 employees now approve a total of 600 to 700 invoices with CANDIS every month. The entire approval process is documented in detail for each employee. An automatic reminder email prevents open invoices and ensures maximum transparency and overview.

Recommendation to all SMEs

Pass the word on! solarisBank learned about CANDIS through the IONIQ Group. The Company Builder digitised the invoice approval process itself with CANDIS and recommended our cloud-based software to others.