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More transparency with CANDIS

„Wir sehen zu jeder Zeit, wo sich eine Rechnung im Prozess befindet. Das ist sehr transparent und übersichtlich!”

Michael Cikanek, VP Finance & Controlling

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About Vimcar

At Vimcar, products are created that revolutionise an entire industry. With future-oriented technology and great attention to detail, Vimcar is digitising the company car of the future. More than 120 employees in Berlin are working on a dream: to redefine fleet management.

The goal for the company

  • Central platform for all invoices

  • A lean tool that can be implemented quickly

  • Automated receipt entry

The goal for Michael

  • New employees should work with the software without onboarding

The challenge

With the strong growth, the volume of receipts increased rapidly. Approvals by mail were no longer an option. Many queries arose that were time-consuming to resolve and cost everyone more and more time. Incoming invoices were forwarded to the originating employee by email, approved and then manually uploaded to DATEV Unternehmen online by the accounting department and entered.

"The communication effort in particular has increased extremely. To then clarify questions via email & chat programmes was then at some point simply no longer an option."

The result

Thanks to CANDIS, Vimcar was able to cope with the flood of emails within a very short time. All employees were invited, all accounts were linked and then we were ready to go. Since then, all receipts have been collected centrally, the data automatically recorded and assigned to the responsible colleagues for approval. All communication takes place exclusively via CANDIS. Thanks to the central invoice archive, all employees can quickly find relevant invoices and clarify queries directly in CANDIS without having to maintain manual Excel lists.

Recommendation to all SMEs

CANDIS is an important building block for improving internal control systems. The detailed process documentation is super!


  • Uniform process for all invoices

  • Cooperation among team members

  • Interface to DATEV

Success factors

  • Communication completely via CANDIS

  • Central access to all invoices at any time

  • Simple and fast implementation

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