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Benefit from smooth accounting processes

Rechnungen und Belege hochladen
For financial managers who like to automate all their tasks

CANDIS supports finance managers with numerous automations from document import to approval workflows, so that manual work is reduced to a minimum.

Extrahierte Daten aus einer Rechnung
For tax advisors who want to digitalize their clients

Tax advisors benefit from uniform booking data generated through the seamless file export via DATEV. CANDIS was designed to boost productivity among clients as well as their tax advisors.

Kommunikation mit Sprechblasen
For CEOs who want to keep track of their finances

Which invoices are still in processing, which have already been exported to DATEV ? The real-time dashboard shows the current status of the invoices so that CEOs can keep track of their financial status.

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CANDIS works completely without installation. We take care of your setup, so all you need to do is log in.

Intuitive user interface

CANDIS values simplicity. Manage your accounting easily with self-explanatory functions.

Release and communication

Approve and release invoices easily and individually from different cost centres and communicate at document level.

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