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ONLINE-EVENT: 10 OCT 2023, 11 TO 12 UHR

Tipps: How to work with Candis

Next topic: Effective use of your Candis Visa credit card

Let's discover the full potential of Candis Visa credit cards together!
If you're already using Candis but aren't sure how to maximize Candis Visa credit card integration, this webinar is a must-watch.
We'll show you how to effectively use Candis Visa credit cards to optimize your processes. Our experts will give you valuable insights and present practical tips directly in Candis.

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About the event

How do I use Candis functions correctly? How do I maintain my master data? What do I have to pay attention to in terms of data protection?
At Tips & Tricks: How to work with Candis, we give users an understanding of the details of our software. For this purpose, we hold a monthly online event, where we address a new topic each time.
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